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Terra e Água was founded in 1996 with the aim of producing quality, comfortable and stylish footwear for all women in Brazil. It is currently a reference in the footwear market, bringing more and more reliability and options to its customers.


Over the years, with the expansion of the brand, the opportunity arose to open up new markets in addition to women's shoes and, in 2021, we launched the collections: Bags, Men's and Children's, reaching the largest number of people with the best quality.


Present throughout the national territory and in more than 30 countries, Terra & Água 's mission is to bring the best design, comfort and quality in its products and, mainly, the responsibility with our planet. Therefore, we aim to search for better processes, such as reducing pollutants, using all raw materials in a conscious way, which makes our products recyclable, and not having any material of animal origin in our composition.

This responsibility for environmental sustainability and commitment to our employees is disseminated throughout the company, as is the delicious smell characteristic of tutti-frutti that delights those who purchase Terra & Água products.

Our purpose is to achieve maximum customer satisfaction with total well-being and freedom to be who you are.

Learn more about our SUSTAINABILITY .


Terra & Água is a company connected to the desires of those who value comfort, design and fashion trends and which applies high technology, always respecting the environment.  For Terra & Água , having quality and vegan products is synonymous with love for what it does and commitment to everyone.

Relatório de Transparência Salarial
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